Discontinuance of Hosting Services

  • 1st December 2020
Due to some unavoidable circumstances we Announce the discontinuance of our Hosting Services and advice all of our customers to move their hosting to other providers as soon as possible, we are providing option and sufficient chance to all of our clients to take backups and move to other providers for this all our servers will be active till 31 ...
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Singapore Server Information

  • 25th April 2016
As you may have noticed we have had several DDoS attacks against servers located in Singapore and their associated nameservers for the past few days, causing extended downtime for clients at that location.We have been working with our provider in Singapore however they have been unable to assist with the issue, simply nulling the server when it is ...
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Server Migration Notification

  • 13th February 2016
Recently as you may be aware our datacenter blocked port 25 across all of their network. As a result of this all outgoing email has been failing and sitting in the queue, unable to reach its destination. To resolve this we’ve tried setting up mail relays to send through remote servers, though one provider instantly suspended us and explained ...
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Domain Transfer

  • 25th August 2013
Our Previous registrar has increased the domain price so we are transferring domains to new registrar so please allow atleast 10 days for transfer
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