Singapore Server Information

  • Monday, 25th April, 2016
  • 15:09pm
As you may have noticed we have had several DDoS attacks against servers located in Singapore and their associated nameservers for the past few days, causing extended downtime for clients at that location.

We have been working with our provider in Singapore however they have been unable to assist with the issue, simply nulling the server when it is attacked and refusing to provide extra IPs so we can split resellers into pools to narrow down the target.

Unfortunately DDoS protection within Asia is practically non-existant due to extremely high bandwidth costs, around 8-9x that of North America. As you can imagine when an attack of several gigabytes per second is received the costs quickly become prohibitive. We are also limited with hardware choices in this region, most being lower grade with slow SATA drives that would fall short of our performance expectations.

Due to this we would like your input and feedback about removing Singapore from our choice of locations and transferring existing customers to Los Angeles. We realise this is far from ideal and it will add around 200ms of latency to the connection however the reliability and hardware specs at this location will far outweigh the cons of being a little further away.

For reference the new LA servers are Dual Quad Intel E5v3 with 64GB RAM and 4 x 1TB SSDs in RAID10, an improvement over the current hardware within Singapore.

Moving would obviously involve an IP and nameserver change but we have hardware ready to go at this location and have started the transfer process, if you are using our default nameservers you need not to do anything we have already handled everything for you.

The transfer is expected to take around 48 hours but we're working to bring all affected customers back online as quickly as we can.

We appreciate your patience during the migration and sincerely apologise for the issues we've been experiencing.

Rudra Hosting

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