Reseller Hosting, For Personal Use

At we often have customers ask us if they need separate hosting packages for each website. The answer as always, is no.

Our standard Senior and Master hosting packages permits 5 and Unlimited hosted websites respectively but this setup has it’s disadvantages. Multiple domains on a single shared package shares a single cPanel which means one set of login details, one control panel and one file manager for all of your websites which makes things less secure and less organised.

The solution? A Budget Reseller hosting package. Even whilst being called ‘Reseller Hosting’ , you don’t actually have to resell it and can use it’s features to your benefit. Our ‘Starter Reseller’ package costs Rs.500/- per month and enables you to create unlimited accounts up to 50GB space completely separate cPanel accounts each with their own control panel and login details.

So why opt for a reseller account instead of standard shared hosting?

Organisation: On a reseller account databases, file managers, email accounts etc are all kept separate from one another keeping things easy to use and organised. Compared to standard shared hosting, everything shares a single cPanel which can complicate things.
Security: On traditional shared hosting if your cPanel login details have been compromised every website hosted on that single cPanel will be compromised. With reseller hosting, each website has their own login details keeping your accounts safe should one be compromised (With the exception of your reseller login)
Accessibility: You don’t need to remember every cPanel accounts login details. Instead, you just need to remember your one reseller login and from your WHM control panel you can access any cPanel account you’ve created with just a single click.
Future-Proofing: If you one day decide you wish to sell one of your websites, on reseller hosting you will be in a position to provide the cPanel login details, provide a full cPanel backup and move on with a sale – you could even sell hosting to the buyer of your website! When you host multiple websites with shared hosting, you would need to manually migrate your addon domains to a separate cPanel otherwise the buyer would have access to all of your websites.

So as you can see, it does have it’s benefits to opt for a reseller package for your own personal use. If you’re interested in taking out a starter reseller package with us, feel free to create a ticket with our sales department or order from our website.